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Up Close

Sometimes, enjoying a show on television, just isn’t enough. Up Close explores our need to get face to face with the props, costumes and actors from the worlds of Doctor Who

Nostalgia is the order of the day, as lifelong fan Alex Storer takes a look back over the past twenty years (and a little bit more) of Doctor Who conventions, exhibitions and events – as well as collecting Daleks and personal recollections of various aspects of fandom, pondering questions along the way such as why the series inspires us to create or collect. Answers not guaranteed!

From Alex’s first convention experience in the year 2000 to an indulgent visit to Neil Cole’s Museum of Classic Sci-Fi in late 2021, Up Close is illustrated with over 200 photos from the author’s personal collection. Up Close also contains artwork and interviews with composer Dominic Glynn and Steve Cambden, who allowed the use of some of his own photographs, taken on set during the filming of seasons 17 and 18.

October 2022 – Up Close has been expanded, and now includes several pages on the Worlds of Wonder exhibition!

Downloads in PDF format, 60mb approx. Best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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