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Blackpool Remembered

Your journey back in time starts here…

Blackpool Remembered is a project by the fans for the fans – and it was always John Collier’s ambition to create something that would be available for FREE.

A digital publication meant that the project was not constrained by any budget or production costs, and it could be as big as we wanted – though with over 400 pages and 80 contributors, the end result is indeed much bigger on the inside than we ever imagined – proof that there is still so much love for the original Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool, thirty-five years after it closed its doors.

Contributors include: Steve Cambden, Julie Jones, Bob Richardson, Katy Manning, Mike Tucker, Neil Cole, Kevin Jon Davies, Steve Cole, John Field, Stuart Glazebrook and Richard Leaver.

Download Blackpool Remembered here!

Now revised and updated!

Downloads in PDF format, approx. 85mb.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for best performance.

The cover art is by project collaborator and illustrator Alex Storer. You can see more of his science fiction-inspired artwork here.

Blackpool Remembered – collated and edited by John Collier
Exclusive foreword by Steve Cambden
Cover illustration and design by Alex Storer (

9 thoughts on “Blackpool Remembered

  1. Thank you so much for creating this – and for your generosity in giving it away. I’ve got many fond memories of the original Blackpool exhibition, so this is going to be a real treat!


  2. This. Is. Amazing. I totally thought this was going to be a pleasant-enough but amateurish affair. It’s not. It’s SO well done, so well thought through and so full of love. I’d buy this in print in a double-heartbeat if the opportunity ever arose.


  3. Really enjoyed this, a great read. I also remember visiting the Middlesbrough exhibition though I would have only been about 6 at the time. Happy memories!! Thank you!!!


  4. Everyone who has memorabilia of the Exhibition should be more than gracious and contribute more to you.


  5. ‘Happy Days’ indeed! Thank you so much for this, properly enjoyed this trip down (the staircase) to Memory Lane. Great stuff!


  6. Thank you so much for this eBook. It’s wonderful. So many memories. I first visited in 1976 and remember vividly the Krynoid hanging menacingly around the entrance, Was terrified until I realized I could see the see the shirt on the back of the neck of the guy inside the costume. Still, the exhibition was magical. So is this eBook. Thanks again.


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