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I was six on a family holiday in Blackpool when my grandad paid for us to enter the Doctor Who Exhibition. But there was a problem. To get inside meant walking down a dark staircase over which dangled a Giant Spider. I was petrified, not least because these oversized arachnids had caused the demise of my beloved Third Doctor. I started to cry and refused to step inside. The irony of the story is when I did finally make it inside, I couldn’t get enough of the place. My parents would leave me down there all day whilst they went to Central Beach or waited in the café next door. I loved being underground with the monsters and props and almost fifty years later I still crave the desire to lose myself down there again.

This book is a celebration of those happy days on the Golden Mile. I hope you enjoy reading these wonderful memories as much as I have enjoyed collating them.

– John

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John Collier (right) aboard Bessie in the early 1980s.
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